Mortgage Broker in Vancouver BC - Level 1 Licensed agent in Ontario and Alberta

Hi, I'm McKay Wood.
People Call Me The Mortgage Monk.

If you could choose between a 'lending generalist' or a 'mortgage specialist' which would you prefer? Well, I focus exclusively on mortgages in the greater Vancouver area. By working with 60+ lenders, including big banks and credit unions, there's not much I can't finance. Schedule a call to learn more or to get started.

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Client Feedback


Claire Lovell

McKay was so incredibly helpful and easy to work with. He was always prompt to respond to e-mails and would often follow-up with a phone call for clarity.​​
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Barrie Galitzky​

Vancouver Real Estate is dark and full of terrors. McKay was truly the Monk that guided us in saving over $20,000 over a 5 year mortgage. He had all of the answers to my questions when I needed them the most.​
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Paul Davidescu​

McKay spent an hour of his valuable time essentially educating me on the market even when I made it clear that I wasn't ready to buy today - I was blown away!​
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About Me

Having lived and worked in many countries there is nothing like home.  Canada is where I live and love to be.  My passion for people and growing their wealth lead me directly to Real Estate Finance and the satisfaction on getting the best for my clients. I found what matters most to people are the follow 3 things:

How it Works

Step 1


Reach out using your preferred method. We'll discuss your goals and concerns, then I'll give you an action plan to help you achieve your best possible outcome.

Step 2


When you're happy with the plan, I'll send you a list of documents needed to move forward. I'll take those documents to one of my 60% lender partners.

Step 3


I'll work closely with the lender so things progress smoothly. You'll be kept in the loop the entire time. Contact me for an estimated timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does a mortgage broker do?

A. Our main goal as a mortgage broker is to be your trusted real estate financial advisor.  We don't only get you the best rate and options and process speedy approvals but we are looking for long term strategic relationships.  Bottom line is we help people build wealth through proper planning and implementation of growing your real estate portfolio...if that's your thing. Oh and if you work with us you'll be sure to smile and laugh.  For us it's all about making the often stressful process fun and enjoyable. 

Q. Can a broker get me a better rate on my mortgage?

A. Working with a broker allows you to explore all the options across Canada (majour banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Wholesale companies etc...) allowing you to get the best rates from over 50 different lender at one given time. Getting the best rate is what we do!

Q. Isn't it cheaper or faster to work directly with the bank?

Working with a broker allows you access all the time to questions and answers and 9-5 is not what we do...we simply work a lot making sure we are there whenever you need us. We are typically much faster than banks as we have our dedicated banks and lender relationships getting approvals and answer much faster.

Q. Do you only handle mortgages in Vancouver?

We do mortgages all across Canada and you'll be surprised the places we have done financing. In fact out three biggest markets are BC, Alberta and Ontario and we are licensed in these provinces by the sheer volume we handle. Need financing in some weird corner of Canada...we are your team!

How does a broker make money?

In most cases, we are paid a commission by the lender or bank. The amount of the commission can change depending on the type of mortgage but is typically about 1% of that amount. The size of the loan and the quality of the client are also a consideration..

Do you charge a broker fee?

Generally, no. About 95% of the time I'm paid a commission by the lender. But if a client's application just doesn't fit with the 50+ mainstream lenders, we have alternative lending options. Those lenders don't pay me a commission, so I need to charge a fee. We are clear from the get go on how things work so there are no surprises.

How are mortgage brokers regulated?

If you work with a bank you are working with an employee who follows the rules of that particular bank. When working with a Mortgage Broker we are provincially regulated. So we have to be licensed and take tests and ongoing training on how to best service our clients and our industry. We do not work for any institution but are typically self employed which means we work best for our clients.