Surrey Mortgage Broker

Need a mortgage broker in Surrey, BC?

Surrey is one of the most beautiful cities surrounded by nature and with lots of rich history and culture. With some of the best attractions and plenty of activities, this is a city you may want to consider settling in, whether you’re single or as a family.  The town is fast-growing, and that means getting a mortgage may not be as easier as it was some years back. Working with a Surrey mortgage broker can help make the process less complicated.

How Can a Surrey Mortgage Broker Help?

A Surrey mortgage broker  can help you:

Get Lender Access

We have connections to multiple mortgage lenders, which means that we can recommend the best plans for your needs. The fact that we have a relationship with banks and lending institutions means that we understand the different loan programs offered, and we can better advise on what to choose based on your specific needs.

Increase Your Chances of Success

Finding the best and reliable rates when looking for mortgages, mortgage refinancing, or other financial services from lending institutions can be complicated, not to mention the tedious process. Working with a broker allows you to have access to experience and expertise. You’ll be advised on the best available mortgage options available based on your needs. Moreover, brokers work directly with the lenders, something that increases your chances of getting your mortgage approved.

We understand that all mortgages are not equal. Whether you’re borrowing to make your mortgage interest tax-deductible, renovate, or purchase a new home, we have an array of products to help you achieve your goals.

Go Through the Mortgage Application

A broker assists you with the mortgage application from the start to the settlement.  Apart from negotiating on your behalf and getting discounts, we strive to make the process stress free for you by handling any hurdles along the way. What’s more, we deal with any issues the lender may raise once the mortgage application is submitted.

Guaranteed Lower Rates

We have an established relationship with different lending institutions. That allows us to negotiate on your behalf to find a product that meets your needs.  Working with us ensures that you enjoy competitive mortgage rates and terms that will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Save Time and Money

Speed can make or break a mortgage deal. You don’t want to spend a lot of time going from one lender to the other, making comparisons for you to get a mortgage product that works for you.  Working with a mortgage broker saves you time by providing you with a list of options based on your needs and budget.  That helps you apply for mortgage easily and increase your chances of success.

Flexible Schedule

Working with a bank or a lending institution limits your freedom as you have to be available during work hours. That can be complicated if you can’t find time off your busy schedule. A Surrey mortgage broker offers you a flexible schedule, meaning that you can meet when it’s convenient for you.

Fast Response Time

Banks and other lending institutions have mortgage departments with multiple applicants. That means you’ll need to wait for your turn for your application to get checked and approved. The whole process can be time-consuming. However, working with us cuts down this as we work hard to get things done quickly.

Get in Touch With a Surrey Mortgage Broker

Working with a Surrey mortgage broker gives you access to quality mortgage loan products tailored to suit your needs at the most competitive rates.  Whether you’re looking to make your first home purchase or get an investment property, we have an experienced team that will advise you on the best options to consider.

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