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Need a mortgage broker in Coquitlam, BC?

Securing a mortgage can be confusing, time-consuming, and frustrating.  Going to lenders and banking institutions doesn’t make it any easier.  Fortunately, you can ease your problems by consulting an experienced Coquitlam mortgage broker.

Working with a Coquitlam Mortgage Broker

Handling the mortgage process can be overwhelming. You don’t have to go through this grueling process alone. Below are some reasons why you should consider working with a Coquitlam mortgage broker.

Get a Guide Through the Entire Process

If you’re not sure of where to start when looking for a mortgage or what’s  involved in purchasing a home, you don’t have to worry. We have a team of qualified brokers to guide through the whole process. Our focus is to keep you informed and explained everything that’s involved.   You can call us anytime with your concerns and questions. Moreover, we check in to see if the loan suits your circumstances.

Make Easy and Quick Comparisons

We understand the need to have your goals met, and that’s why we take time to walk you through the various loan options available depending on your goals and circumstances.  We work with different lenders, something that gives you a wider scope to get the best loan that meets your needs. A bank has access to what they’re offering, which may not suit your needs.

Moreover, we handle all the paperwork, source pre-approval, and help you go through the process in record time.  We keep you informed throughout the process, something that gives you peace of mind.

Flexibility and Access to Options

Having built expertise in mortgage brokerage through the years, we are always working with clients looking to expand their portfolio.  We understand that a mortgage plan doesn’t fit all, that’s why we customize our programs based on your needs.  Moreover, we are flexible in that you can talk to us anytime you’re available.  We don’t have a strict set time, you can visit us after your work hours.

Access to Fee Waivers and Discounts

Mortgage brokers work with multiple lending institution. Therefore, they can negotiate on your behalf and get access to special rates and discounts.  It would be challenging to get fee waivers by yourself, that’s why it’s essential to work with a qualified mortgage broker.

Access Mortgage With Bad Credit

Your credit score is another crucial factor that determines the mortgage terms.  A bad credit score may make it challenging to secure a home loan.  Working with us increases your chances of success as we work with some lenders who provide financing without the strict guidelines.  All they need to grant the loan is to determine the equity in your home.

Go Through the Process in Record Time

Working with big banks can be frustrating due to the piles of applications they have to deal with daily.  You must wait for your turn, and this could mean waiting for close to six months to a year to get pre-approved.  However, with a mortgage broker, we take the time to ease your anxiety by working on your behalf. That ensures that the process is quicker.

Get in Touch Today!

Working with a qualified and experienced Coquitlam mortgage broker is an excellent idea as it ensures the process is handled expertly from the beginning to the settlement.  We also do all the research to ensure that you get an affordable mortgage that can meet your needs and budget.  You no longer have to go through the tedious process as we handle everything. Contact us today to learn more about the different mortgage plans available.

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